I am struggling with a few of the projects on the go at the moment. A chaos troll where I don’t quite understand all the detail, an avatar which needs consideration and an eldar support weapon that is, well artillery! and I never have the enthusiasm for that.

Instead I distracted myself by painting this, a citadel empire knight on foot or battle lord as the tab would have it, from 1985.

Sir Truism was not impressed when the Wizard turned his Halberd into a Hobby Horse!

Death Guard

Although a few years old now (2017?) the First Strike starter set made – as it was intended – a great xmas gift. I brought it back in 2019 for ‘the boy’ and after push-fitting them together we had a simple but fun game using the board and terrain provided. It was only at the end of last year that I got round to painting a few. Not unusual, as I seem to remember playing with tons of unpainted airfix soldiers as a kid myself.


So, another Eldar guardian finished, just need to get on with the support weapon. I have this primed and glued to a bolt to raise it slightly from the base. Have also stuck the Avatar together ready for painting, but haven’t built up the courage to start yet. Think it needs a bit more research. – Vexas Snarlion was still left to carry everything as usual!


I have no idea at present who made this dwarf, I brought him last week and he arrived on Friday. He went straight through the production line and was finished earlier today. He caught my eye on ebay by the windmill staff, and that he was advertised as a dwarf bear hunter, who am I to argue! – Grill Bearus had used his trusty bear staff hypnotiser to great success!

Citadel Goblin

Krakshut the goblin was a veteran of countless skirmishes and battles, he had always survived by staying at the back, or hiding. – This goblin was in the first slotta blister pack I brought back in the 80’s, he was last repainted at the end of 2020. I believe it was one of the Perry brother’s sculpts.


My fledgling Bohemian Eldar force now totals four. That total seems very small, considering the time I’ve spent thinking about them in the last few weeks.

I’m envisioning that my Eldar craftworld (still unnamed) only just escaped the Fall. The voyage taken over the centuries had many climatic events that helped shape their future. One event settled the Eldars destiny, they came across an anomaly in a sector of space, way off the beaten track, a small Sun and Solar system that could not be seen! The only reason that it’s discovery was made was due to psychic messages received by a Farseer (far fetched more like!) that originated from a world within the system.

Their arrival on this maiden world heralded the start of centuries of peace and growth for the Eldar colony. They established relations with the strange grumpy squat like humanoids that lived there (oh no, not that please!) but eventually the two races stayed apart due to fundamental differences of opinion.

Of course all this peaceful world stuff is all well and nice, that is until Man shows up, yes I think the only answer will be to send an invading Imperial Guard force to trample over the world and beat up painted pixies! But that’s in the future, or the end of this year in real terms.

Gil-Gamort had spent a lot of time lasering native wildlife for fun!

Fantasy Boardgame Miniatures

Here we have the Goblin King from the Hobbit boardgame. I got the game from a charity shop for a few pounds last year, and although the rules were missing I was only really interested in the figures. The game comes with some large scale models reasonably well sculpted. I used the Goblin King as a kind of Blight King in the recent game against the Lizards. The Blight King lumbered slowly forward all game and then fled!


Don’t know why but I timed myself painting this classic plastic Eldar last night. From undercoat to varnish it took 1 hour and 5 minutes, this included multiple uses of the hairdryer. Was it worth it, probably not, I have no real need to ‘speed’ paint and the finished article included several errors. Still on the plus side there is one more figure in the war cabinet and it was exciting! – Erilliath Loathil, a washed out guardian awaiting the war.


Finished the first of ten from a Lizard Swarm blister. Will make one stand with five Lizards, but will probably mount the others on single bases. – Sqitchyital the Lizard was hoping his Skink master had some juicy beetles for supper!